The Twin Ponds – Kuttam Pokuna

an ancient pool!

The ancient Twin Ponds/Pool is known as Kuttam Pokuna in Sinhala. It is located in the ancient kingdom of Anuradhapura.

Anuradhapura is the third capital in Rajarata kingdom in Sri Lanka, it’s a perfect introduction for Sri Lanka’s rich culture and historical value. Sri Lanka’s history was destroyed several times due to foreign invasion. Now just the ruins are left, But still we believe we are fortunate enough to feel the richness of our culture and to see the artistic creations of our great Sinhalese.

Just like in Sigiriya (The Rock Fortress) , It is another marvel to prove high hydrologic engineering systems used in ancient Sri Lanka.

The Twin ponds were built during the reign of King Aggabodhi I (575-608).

The smaller pond is 28 meters long and the larger is 40 meters. The two ponds are connected through a pipeline at the bottom. The water supply gets filtered by several chambers and finally the pond is filled through the mouth of a dragon

It is said the Twin Ponds were reserved for the use of monks. But After the invasion of Kalinga Magha in 1215 AD, the pond was used by queens.

Such as the Twin ponds there are many more historical places to visit in Anuradhapura. Visit the largest and one of the most ancient city Anuradhapura for more historical highlights of Sri Lanka.

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