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Rip Current (Beach Current) warning near Negombo Sea

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a nice calm beach with low waves?

Yes, we think of bathing. Especially when we go with kids for a beach day, it’s perfect when there are fewer waves. And the kids can enjoy their beach time safely.  But it’s not really what you see.

Unfortunately these can be a high risk area, if we do not recognize them. Even the water seems settled there can be Rip currents from coast to the sea. These Rip currents are responsible for the frequent deaths along the Negombo Sea.

It’s too late to think when you feel your waist being pulled towards the sea as you walk deep into the calm sea.

How tides are formed?

Waves bring a large amount of water to the shore. When this wave breaks the water must return to the sea.  When such waves are formed constantly, the waves interfere with the return flow. This water travels on both sides of the shore until it flows back into the sea and flows rapidly into the sea from a convenient location. Rip currents are caused by gaps in the sand dunes along the coast. That is where the currents come from. In less than a minute, this tidal wave can carry you about 300 meters off the coast.

On long beaches, such tides usually occur about once every 200 meters.  Do not think of swimming just because the sea is calm. These tides, which occur in calm seas, can bring danger. Even when you walk into the sea. So if you do not know how to swim, it is wise not to go to sea. No matter how confident you are, it is always best to avoid swimming in the sea alone.

How to identify Rip current tides?

Usually we look at both sides before crossing the road. Similarly, if you observe carefully for a while before going down to the sea, you can identify the place where the tides occur. When the tide breaks near the shore it appears like white foam. Among this foam, if you observe carefully, there are still places which remain calm and dark. That is where the currents come from. So no matter how good a swimmer you are, if you observe this for a while before you go to sea, you will find a safer place to enjoy.

Keep in mind that the speed of these currents is even faster than that of the swimming champions. Some beaches do not recommend swimming anywhere. Various warning signs have been erected in such places. Think about this before you go to sea. Some people like to show their empty heroism by swimming in the sea even in dangerous places. Do not forget that human life is far more valuable than empty praise from empty people.

What to do if caught in Rip current tide?

If caught in a Rip current tide, never try to swim against it. You can’t do that because the speed of the tide is faster than your swimming speed. Instead, swim parallel to the beach and get out of the current. Then you can swim towards the beach. If you can’t swim away, stay on the surface of the water and raise your hand to signal that you need help.

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