Mandodari, The Princess who stole Rawana’s infinite love

Mandodari ,The Princess who stole Rawana’s infinite love

There are various articles, visuals, art works and discourses on innovations, in Rawana’s history is commonly found today. And surprisingly there is people who still claiming to be Ravana’s relatives and spreading invisible myths that Ravana is awaking. The great king Ravana was the former King in Hela civilization. In Ramayana the whole history of Sri Lanka is destroyed making king Ravana a devil, Because of his extraordinary powers. However, the purpose of this article is to bring out a strong female character which went hidden in Ravana period.

“Mandodari” Literally means “Princess with a soft belly” she was the queen of Lankapura (Ancient King Ravana’s Kingdom). She was known as a “Pancha Kanya” due to nobility of her character and her incredible beauty. Mandodari is also known by the nicknames Kalyani and Dhyanamalini.  Mandodari belongs to Yakkha tribe and she was the daughter of King Maya. King Maya holds a powerful position in the clan.  As per the ancient tales Mayasura Mayadana the greatest architect and engineer of all time. It is said that it was Mayadanawa who first to initiated the custom of giving the gift of marriage to a daughter. By presenting his own powerful trident and the world’s first airplane. Isn’t it amazing? A king gifted all his treasures to his son in law. He even built the wonderful Lankapura and the present giri place which is well known as Sigiriya or Sinhagiri is an ancient rock fortress located in Matale district was built by King Mayadana. In the present it’s the world’s 8th wonder and probably the most visited tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Some historians believe that the Sigiriya frescoes were of Mandodari and her escort women. This is well known in the folklore of the area.

Actor – Rama Ravana Drama

After their marriage, Ravana and Mandodari lived in love and cooperation in the conquest of King Kuwera. According to the legends, Ravana was an artistically beautiful man and a brilliant doctor and a researcher. Through his own research he has developed a variety of drugs. Mandodari continued to support the Ravans by applying his father’s research expertise to his investigations. A flower called Madara is produced by the biological investigation of King Rawana. The flower is called Madara by the King of Ravana as a tribute to Mandodari to commemorate her with love and support. However, Madara is one of the most amazing and rare plants in Sri Lanka. The villagers share their opinion that even a giant elephant bow down in front of a madara tree, and modern research has proved that the Madara plant is capable of controlling elephants. The kings of Sri Lanka in the past used the wood of the Madara tree to produce weapons of war, such as swords and swords, and were confident and believed that it would win the war.

Mandodari and Ravana had 3 sons Indrajith, Aththika and Akshaya Kumara. Mandodari also had a daughter named Sohaeli. When Mandodari became pregnant for the first time, Pulasthi, one of the most powerful rishi with a divine vision of Hela Island. The prediction was if a newborn baby was born after 12 midnight, it would be a disaster for the future. It was the twins who were about to give birth. Her first child was born just before midnight. The first child was a prince and he was named Indrajith. Mandodari’s second childbirth came just after midnight, and the baby was a beautiful daughter. She was named as Sohaeli. Ravana, well aware of the truth of Pulasthi Rishi’s prophecies, hid his tender affection in his heart and secretly sent his beloved wife to the sea for the future of Hela. There was also a custom in Hela that there should be one child outside of his family after having unborn twins. Anyway, the infant was floating in solitary confinement on the waves of the sea and found a farmer in India. King Janaka named her Seeta, which means ‘plow’ because she was a princess of a peasant. Later, she was known by the nickname Janaki because she was the daughter of King Janaka. However, we can only assume that Seeta was brought up with a vengeance, after being identified as her own daughter, with the utmost wealth and protection and without any sexual harassment. Mandodari was always an exemplary female character who helped her husband understand the needs and responsibilities of her husband and encouraged him with understanding and affection.

Raama Rawana Battle

In the Rama Ravana war, Rama defeated Ravana because of the betrayal of Ravana’s brother Vibhishana. According to history, Vibhishana, frequently visits the Giri Palace to discuss various issues and decisions of the state government, fondly embraced the image of Mandodari in Sri Lanka and caused jealousy towards her brother who had married her. However, it is said that only the Mandodari and Vibhishana were aware that the three weapons that could have killed Ravana and that they were in the Weramba air. It is through Vibhishana that Ravana’s advanced military tactics fall into the hands of the Indians. Several times after the declaration of war with Rama-Ravana, Mandodari asks Ravana to hand back Seeta to Rama. She may have done so because she already knew the signs of a great disaster. But it all ends up making Mandodari a widow of Lankapura. Mandodari may have wept bitterly as her beloved husband embraced Ravana’s still body. Recalling his fond memories repeatedly, she must have been deeply distressed until her death. It is remarkable that even in the Ramayana the bias towards Mandodari’s husband was recognized. Seetha was an exemplary figure of the Bharatiya woman, and the goddess Lakshman, who had assassinated Rama, betrayed Vibhishana, supported Hanuman, and cruelly harassed a woman, who had killed Ravana. Ravana was a vicious sinner. Mandodari also went into hiding under the cover of time. It is a great tragedy that many Sri Lankans, who believed in Ramayana, do not even know who Mandodari is. It truly a wonder how Mandodari’s had tolerance, generosity, generous support and affection for her husband, it is something to learn for all women around the world. It’s our duty to bring out these hidden characters from our history for the knowledge of our younger generation.

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