( Lukki Exchange ) is a scam ! Don’t deposit Money !!

What is Lukki Exchange ?

The Lukki exchange ( is a fraud and scam exchange. The main reason is this scam exchange does not withdraw Tokens sent by its users. I personally lost my bitcoin in lukki.. I’m writing after 2 weeks trying to withdraw my btc from lukki exchange.I will tell my story for you without missing a single point .. so at least you can protect your money.

I did LMY bounty with platfrom and I’m a video content creator and I received around 300K LMY tokens for my work. Recently Lukki exchange listed LMY/BTC pair and LMY/ETH pair. I normally check the exchange before depositing .. I checked their telegram channel ( All was positive , later I found that they delete messages for help to withdraw money ) . I checked reviews which were very positive ( I think all are paid and fake ). So I deposited 300k LMY to the (Deposit was very fast .. just took few minutes as .. lol ) After that I put an order .. I a portion of LMY was traded .. I had around 0.02 btc and rest of my LMY. Then I requested a withdrawal for btc amout ( 0.02 bitcoin/ minimum withdrawal was 0.01 ) .. I waited for 1 day .. then I check the blockchain.. nothing … so I asked for a support ticket.. I received a mail that they received the support ticket .. So I waited .. even after 14 days I did not received money and no response for support ticket for my late withdrawal. Below screenshots are the proofs for my balances and trades ..

Their trick is they refund the withdrawal after few days .. this happened 2 times for me . And that btc is lost in the third try to withdraw.. this is a scam.. a well planed scam .. If you put money in this site.. your money is gone ( you can deposit , you can trade , you can hold , but you can’t witdraw)

And they are deleting the messages asking for help.. there are lot of people who requesting help in the telegram group.

After pm , the admin just takes more times .. she do nothing .. she just keeps us waiting untill we giveoff the money …

People listen .. don’t put money in

Its a scam.. a selected % of people get scamed !!!!!

If u need help .. please contact me though my telegram ID : @Vimukkthi

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